Questions about God

Today, I wonder about God. I wonder about how he can sit and watch all of this. Able to act, able to relieve the pain and the suffering, he sits much of the time and does absolutely nothing. I wonder if he cries or gets depressed when he watches the suffering. We know that Jesus had compassion. Jesus wept, the scriptures tell us. But what about God? I think of when my children have been in pain. I think of when Edison fractured his left arm. He was 8 years old. He fell off his bike. His forearm looked like a boomerang. The doctor said “I need to bend it back…make it straight.” “Can you give him anesthesia?” “No,” he replied, “but it will take just a few seconds.” I had to walk out. Leave the dirty work of watching and comforting to his mother. This father couldn’t watch his child wreathe in pain. I wonder if God walks out when he sees his children wreathing in pain.